Frog Tub Tattoos (Set of 5)

  • Frog Tub Tattoos™ help make bath time safer and more fun by providing traction on all kinds of slippery surfaces!
  • Each package contains 5 non-slip frog treads.
  • Easy to install and simple to clean.
  • Designed for use on smooth surfaces. Some surface textures may affect adhesion. Not for use on refinished surfaces.
  • This Tub Tattoo measures 4 inches on its longest side.

Price: $6.49

About SlipX Solutions® Frog Tub Decals

Hop easily into bath time with our frog tub decals! Designed to provide reliable slip-resistance, these frog treads add a playful splash of style to any slippery surface. Follow the installation instructions carefully to help ensure maximum adhesion. To clean your frog bath treads, use a damp sponge and a non-abrasive cleanser.

Great Customer Story!

Our customers are always coming up with interesting and innovative uses for our products. Mary purchased Frog Tub Tattoos to help keep her cute little dogs from slipping off her kayak! She sent us a few kind words of feedback and some pictures for us to share here.

Mary’s story:

“The Kayak did not have the frog tattoos so I had to hold one dog in my lap and one stood in back on a piece of material. Because of the frog tattoos, one dog stands/sits in front of the kayak while the other stands/sits in back. Thanks!!!”

Mary from South Fork