Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat

  • 700+ air-filled pillow pockets provide spa-like comfort underfoot!
  • Thick, cushioned rubber bath mat feels comfortable and secure.
  • 200+ suction cups secure this mat to non-textured surfaces for excellent slip-resistance.
  • Machine washable for years of use.
  • 15” W x 27” L. Great tub coverage.

Price: $24.99

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Air-Cushioned Rubber Bathtub Mat

Transform your tub into a spa-like retreat with the Pillow Top Plus Safety Bath Mat. Hundreds of air-filled pillow pockets feel amazing underfoot, and our quality natural rubber resists fading, cracking or tearing for years of comfortable use. With plentiful suction cups, high-quality material and luxurious air pockets, this rubber mat is unlike any other in-tub bath mat on the market!

How to Remove Pillow Top Plus Bath Mat

Slowly peel mat from surface, releasing individual suction cups with fingers if necessary. Removing mat too quickly or applying too much upward force to engaged suction cups may result in mat damage.

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