Drain Products

Protect your plumbing and enhance your bathing experience with one of our proven, popular drain stoppers, hair catchers, or overflow drain covers.

A photo from above of the SlipX Solutions snug plug, a white drain stopper with a flower design on top, in it's closed position.

Drain Stoppers

  • Affordable, reliable drain-blocking solutions proven to keep the water in your tub.
A bathtub with a chrom faucet, filled with aqua water and an aqua colored bottomless bath overflow drain protector in action.

Overflow Drain Covers


  • Raise the maximum water depth in your tub
  • Treat yourself to a longer, warmer, more luxurious soak
  • Those precious extra inches of water make a huge difference!
    A side view of the SlipX Solutions Stop a Clog drain protector in clear sitting over the top of a silver drain.

    Hair Catchers


    • Keep your plumbing free and flowing!
    • Block hair and other debris from escaping down your drain
    • Multiple shapes & styles – to match different drain types