Shower Mats

Explore our wide assortment of anti-slip safety mats designed specifically for shower spaces both large and small.

A modern black and white bathroom with a SlipX Solutions XL Shower Mat on the floor of the shower.

Extra Large Shower Mats


  • 27″ x 27″ of reliable anti-slip safety designed specifically for larger shower stalls
  • Available in a variety of colors
The corner of a blue standard size shower mat with suction cups and a textured top.

Standard Size Shower Mats


  • Reliable anti-slip safety designed specifically for standard shower stalls
  • Shapes & colors to fit your personal shower spaces
A gray cushioned shower mat with a shower head lying on it.

Cushioned Shower Mats


  • Enjoy a spa-like shower experience— featuring extra cushioning and loofah-like exfoliating top textures.
  • Works on tiled and textured surfaces