Shower Accessories

We’ve got just the liners, curtains, rings and splash control solutions you need to keep water where it belongs during your daily shower routine!


A white shower curtain next to a white bathtub.

Shower Liners & Curtains


With dozens of styles, sizes, and thicknesses to choose from we have exactly the shower liners you need to keep the water under control in your favorite showering spaces.

Silver shower curtain liners on a shower curtain rod with a white shower curtain.

Shower Rings


  • Simple, reliable, rust-resistant hardware designed to keep your shower liner and curtain in place and functioning correctly.
A SlipX Solutions shower splash guard is attached to shower curtain rings.

Splash Control


  • Simple, effective solutions that keep the water INSIDE your shower space and the cold drafts OUT!
A SlipX Solutions squeegee with a wooden handle, held by a woman using it to clear a wet mirror.



Keep your bathroom mirrors, tub surround walls, shower doors, and more sparkling clean with an ergonomic, easy to use squeegee from SlipX Solutions!