How the Snug Plug Bath Drain Stopper Works | SlipX Solutions

Our Snug Plug is one of the easiest bath drain stoppers to install on the market today. No “chains” or “leashes” and no permanent installation is required.



Cleaning your Snug Plug is important. While the material used, TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer, is non-porous, the color can stain depending on what minerals are in your water. Regular cleaning with your usual bathroom cleanser will minimize staining.

Recycling Information

Yes, the Snug Plug is 100% recyclable! Thanks to our revolutionary TPE material, when it’s time to replace or discard your bathtub drain stopper you can recycle it with your regular curbside recycling.


To use your new Snug Plug for the first time, simply place it in the drain hole. By default the Snug Plug will be in the plug position, meaning that it will seal the drain and hold water. The first image is how the Snug Plug will look.

Opening the Drain

The good news is you don’t have to remove the Snug Plug each time you want to switch from plugging to draining. To allow draining, simply press down in the middle of the Snug Plug. The edges will flip up like shown in second image to the left. In this position, water will flow as normal.


It’s quite simple to clean and maintain your new Snug Plug. Here are the two easy options:

  1. Place it in your dishwasher.
  2. Wash it with your normal laundry in the washing machine.