How to Install Shower Splash Guards | SlipX Solutions

Installing our Shower Splash Guards is easy. They install without adhesives, and you can’t see them when standing outside of the shower. Check out the video and text below for step by step installation instructions.

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Step by Step Installation Video

Installation Instructions

Our Shower Splash Guards are easy to install and are very effective for keeping water inside your shower. They work on all standard shower curtains and stay tucked away from sight. To install your newly purchased splash guards, follow the 4 simple steps below.

  1. Stand in your tub. Remove the shower curtain liner from the first three rings. Make sure to leave the outer shower curtain attached to the rings.
  2. Insert the hook on the curved side of the shower splash guard into the first hole in your shower curtain liner.
  3. Line up the other side of the shower splash guard with the third hole in your shower curtain liner.
  4. Attach the curtain liner and splash guard to the rings. Make sure the rings go through the splash guard not just the liner.

Apply these same 4 steps to the other side, and you’re done!