SlipX Solutions Materials | About Microban, Slip-Resistance, Suction Cups & More

It’s very important to us to produce bathroom products that perform better than you expect. For that reason, we use carefully-selected materials to ensure a product works well.

The links below contain relevant information needed to understand the benefits of the various materials we use in SlipX Solutions products. If you’re looking for more information on the actual materials used, go here.

Microban® Technology

SlipX Solutions now adds Microban antimicrobial protection into select bath mats and all of our shower liners to give your household added protection against common microbes, bacteria and mold.

Non Slip & Slip Resistant

When buying appliques or a mat for your bathtub or shower, the product’s non-slip properties will likely be at the top of your priority list. See how the materials we use provide reliable slip-resistance.

Secure Suction Cups

There are many vinyl or plastic suction cup hook products on the market. The fact is, vinyl is a poor material choice for suction cups. Find out what we’ve done to make our suction cups hold more weight and last longer.

100% BPA (Bisphenol A) Free

Do you know what BPAs are? If not, you may want to learn about them to understand why SlipX Solutions is moving away from materials that are produced with them.

Bath Mats without Suction Cups

Homeowners who have recently reglazed or refinished their bath tub learn quickly that the new surface is very slippery. Even worse, they’ll also learn that non-slip bath mats with suction cups cannot be used on the reglazed surface. Learn more.