Better Soak Adjustable Overflow Drain Cover – White

  • Relax in an even deeper, warmer tub with a Better Soak Adjustable Overflow Drain Cover.
  • Our exclusive design can increase the water depth in your tub by up to 4.5 inches – that’s 2 inches deeper than traditional overflow drain covers!
  • Our design also expands to fit over any type of overflow drain, including toggle switch, flat, snap on and those used in clawfoot tubs.
  • Reliable seal stops the annoying trickle of water down your drain.
  • Emergency overflow hole protects you from accidental flooding.

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Finally – An Overflow Drain Cover that Fits any Tub in Your Home!

Wondering how to get a deeper bath? SlipX Solutions Better Soak Adjustable Overflow Drain Cover gives you control of your bath water depth. In its lowest position, this bathtub overflow drain cover can raise the level of your bath water by 2 ½ inches. In its highest position, it adds up to 4 ½ inches of water depth – the most we’ve seen anywhere on the market! Its expandable design allows it to work with any tub and can be flattened for easy storage. Made of dishwasher safe silicone and stainless steel that looks great in any tub. The Better Soak Adjustable Overflow Drain Cover measures 6.75 inches (17 cm) tall and 5.25 (13 cm) inches wide to accommodate different drain types.

To Use Better Soak Adjustable Overflow Drain Cover
  • Expand Better Soak to size needed to cover your overflow plate.
  • Run warm water over suction cups.
  • Place Better Soak against tub wall with hole facing up. Adjust as necessary to achieve desired water depth.
  • Press each suction cup firmly against tub to create seal.
  • Fill tub with water. Hole on top will release excess water from tub into overflow drain.