Extra Long Pebble Bath Mat

25% Larger than Standard Tub Mats!
  • Provides 25% more coverage than standard bathtub mats.
  • Looks and feels like real pebbles underfoot because of the mat’s varying depth and dimension.
  • 180+ suction cups keep this non-slip bathtub mat firmly in place the full length of your tub.
  • Made of durable, high-quality vinyl.
  • Machine washable.
  • 17″W x 38″L

Price: $17.99

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Unlike most pebble-style bath mats that are flat on top, the SlipX Solutions® Extra Long Pebble Bath Mat is specially contoured to look like smooth river rocks. The result? A beautiful and functional addition to your bathroom that massages your feet!

Measuring 25% longer than standard tub mats, this large non-slip bath mat with suction cups is made of durable vinyl to provide reliable non-slip-resistance.

To clean, simply hang and air dry after use, or machine wash with your everyday laundry.

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