On the Dot Suction Soap Saver

  • SlipX Solutions On the Dot Suction Soap Saver keeps soap, sponges or other small bath items within easy reach.
  • Excellent drainage helps soap or sponges dry fast to help prevent messy soap build-up. Removable tray makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Press suction cup firmly to remove air underneath and create a secure seal. The suction cup will not “click” into place; however, you should push until you feel the suction cup engage the smooth application surface.
  • Holds up to 11 pounds! Made of durable, rustproof plastic, this unique soap saver dish will last for years. Push-lock suction holds tight to smooth surfaces.
  • Place exactly where you need it. This suction soap dish is easy to reposition and is a perfect solution for shower stalls, kitchens, laundry rooms, RVs and more.
  • Measures 5.75” x 3”.

Price: $9.99

SlipX Solutions On the Dot Soap Saver is an ideal rustproof alternative to traditional metal soap savers or plastic soap savers for countertops. Easy to reposition and use on non-porous surfaces: glass, tile and fiberglass. Use on smooth surfaces only. Do not install over grout lines, voids, or textured surfaces. Removal may damage painted or refinished surfaces. Use a straight edge to remove. Push firmly to install.

*Removal tool not included.