Seal Tight Flat Drain Protector

Low profile hair catcher for flat shower drains
  • Catches hair without slowing down water flow!
  • Prevents clogs and eliminates the need for costly pipe-clearing chemicals.
  • Fits flat (or open) shower, tub, kitchen, laundry and bathroom drains.
  • Sleek, low-profile design won’t get in your way.
  • Made of stainless steel and soft silicone to create secure seal.
  • 4 ½” diameter fits standard sink and tub drain openings.

Price: $8.99

About the Seal Tight Flat Shower Drain Hair Catcher

The SlipX Solutions Seal Tight Flat Drain Protector traps hair and other particles, not water! Made of flexible silicone and weighted with stainless steel, this low profile drain protector stays in place around shower, tub, kitchen, laundry or bathroom drains. Its shape makes it perfect for flat drains, and a unique drain hole pattern makes it simple and effective to use.

How to Use the Seal Tight Flat Drain Protector
  1. Center drain protector over drain.
  2. Run water.
How to Clean the Seal Tight Flat Drain Protector
  1. Simply rinse and air dry after use.
  2. If needed, wash in top rack of dishwasher.