Water Drop Hair Catcher

  • Fits over standard tub and shower drains—no assembly required!
  • Simple suction cup anchor helps hair catcher stay in place.
  • Made of durable, high-quality vinyl that’s easy to clean.
  • Tub & shower hair catchers prevent clogs and eliminates the need for costly pipe-clearing chemicals.
  • 5” Diameter. 0.5″ height.

Price: $5.99

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About the Water Drop Hair Catcher for Shower Drains

Designed to fit easily over tub and shower drains, the Water Drop Hair Catcher traps hair—not water! The perforated design lets water flow through easily, while trapping pipe-clogging debris. A suction cup holds the droplet shaped drain protector in place and makes it easy to remove and clean. To clean your hair catcher, simply rinse and air dry.

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