Types of Shower Curtain Liners: Sizes, Dimensions, Materials

SlipX Solutions® sells a wide variety of shower liners, designed to fit our customers’ unique bathroom setups. When deciding which shower curtain liner to buy, consider the following:

  1. Measure your shower stall or tub opening to determine the size of liner you need.
  2. Consider how often the shower is used, how often the shower is cleaned, etc. and choose the gauge (liner thickness) and/or material of shower liner based on that usage.
  3. Determine what color and style best fits your bathroom setup. Our fabric shower curtain liners can be used as a liner or curtain, so those provide an “all in one” solution whereas a PEVA liner is equally effective at keeping water out, but is made of a vinyl and has a different look.

This chart describes our current shower liner collection:

SlipX Solutions Liner Size Dimensions Available
Standard 70”W x 72”H Our Most Common and Popular Size! Used to protect standard tub-length openings with straight, standard-height shower rods. Soft, polyester Microfiber

100% Polyester


Shower Stall 54”W x 78”H These specially-sized liners protect taller, skinnier shower stall entrance ways. PEVA Shower Stall Curtain Liners
Extra Tall 70”W x 84”H This unique size adds a foot of extra vertical height to our Standard Liner; works well with higher shower rod placements. Extra Tall PEVA Shower Liner
Floor to Ceiling 72”W x 96”H This unique size – our tallest – adds a full two feet of extra height to our
Standard Liner. Perfect for shower rods placed at or close to the ceiling.
Floor to Ceiling PEVA Shower Liner
Extra Wide 82”W x 74”H This special size adds an extra foot of width to our Standard Liner, making it the perfect solution for curved shower rods! Extra Wide PEVA Shower Liner