Types of Shower Curtain Liners: Sizes, Dimensions, Materials

How to Select Shower Liner
SlipX Solutions® sells a wide variety of shower liners, designed to fit our customers’ unique bathroom setups. When deciding which shower curtain liner to buy, consider the following:

  1. Measure your shower stall or tub opening to determine the size of liner you need.

  2. Choose the gauge (liner thickness) and/or material of shower liner.

    Think about how often the shower is used and cleaned. Our classic lightweight liner offers great value, while our heavy duty liner is intended for high-use.

  3. Determine what color and style best fits your bathroom setup.

    Our fabric shower curtain liners can be used as a liner or curtain, so those provide an “all in one” solution whereas a PEVA liner is equally effective at keeping water out, but is made of a vinyl and has a different look.

This chart describes our current shower liner collection:

Liner SizeDimensionsDescriptionAvailable Materials
Standard70”W x 72”HOur Most Common and Popular Size! Used to protect standard tub-length openings with straight, standard-height shower rods.Soft, polyester Microfiber

100% Polyester

Shower Stall54”W x 78”H
These specially-sized liners protect taller, skinnier shower stall entrance ways.PEVA Shower Stall Curtain Liners
Extra Tall70”W x 84”HThis unique size adds a foot of extra vertical height to our Standard Liner; works well with higher shower rod placements.Extra Tall PEVA Shower Liner
Floor to Ceiling72”W x 96”HThis unique size – our tallest – adds a full two feet of extra height to our
Standard Liner. Perfect for shower rods placed at or close to the ceiling.
Floor to Ceiling PEVA Shower Liner
Extra Wide82”W x 74”HThis special size adds an extra foot of width to our Standard Liner, making it the perfect solution for curved shower rods!Extra Wide PEVA Shower Liner