About Shower Curtain Material Differences: Vinyl, PEVA/EVA, Fabric

SlipX Solutions® shower curtain liners use select materials that are easy to clean and maintain, making them a great value for our customers. If you’ve done any research, you may have come across material choices like “vinyl” and “PVC.” Due to their environmental impact, none of our shower curtain liners are made from PVC, which can contain a mix of chlorine, BPAs, Phthalates and other potentially harmful chemicals. Vinyl is a broad term used to describe many different variations.

All SlipX Solutions shower liners are made of either PE, PEVA or polyester. Both PE and PEVA are derivatives of vinyl, while our polyester fabric shower curtain liner options undergo a different process from our PE and PEVA liners.

To learn about thickness of material, please click here to learn about shower liner thickness.

Shower Liner Material Differences

(polyethylene vinyl acetate)
Polyester Polyester Microfiber
Does it smell? No No No No
What does it feel like? Durable
soft plastic
fabric, similar to an umbrella
brushed fabric, similar to cotton
Is it water repellent? Waterproof Waterproof Highly
Water Repellent
Water Repellent
What else? BPA-Free BPA-Free BPA-Free
Use as a liner or curtain!
Use as a liner or curtain!