About Shower Curtain Liner Thickness: 5-8+ Gauges, Thin & Heavy Duty

Pounds. Weights. Inches. Centimeters. Millimeters. Gauges. Which one really matters when it comes to purchasing a shower curtain liner?

GaugeMillimeterDescriptionRelated Products
3.075 mmThin and supple, very easy to use. Our lowest-cost option.Essential Lightweight Liners
5.125 mmA great balance of durability and affordability – great long-term value!Classic Midweight Liners
8.20 mmExtremely durable. Designed for heavy use.Heavyweight Liners
10.25 mmThe toughest, most reliable, long-lasting liners we make! Suitable for commercial, high-use facilities.Super Heavy Duty Liners
Shower Curtain Liner Gauges
shower liner thickness
Lightweight – Midweight – Heavyweight – Heavy Duty Shower Liner

If you care about how “thick” your shower curtain liner is, then you should have a basic understanding of shower curtain liner gauges. In general, the thicker a shower liner is, the more durable and longer-lasting it will be.

However, thicker liners are also heavier and less supple, making them more difficult for some users to install and move around on their shower rod day after day.

There is no right choice when it comes to shower liner thickness – select the thickness that will best match your specific situation.

If you want to translate a gauge value in millimeters, simply multiply the gauge value listed by .025. That means an 8 gauge liner is .2 mm thick!

All of our specialty size shower liners are midweight thickness. Looking for answers to other FAQs? Click here.

There are no official standards defining required thicknesses for shower liners in the United States. As a result, manufacturers often use different material thicknesses for their Lightweight, Midweight, Heavyweight and Heavy Duty products. SlipX Solutions has chosen to use the gauges shown in this chart for its PE and PEVA liner products. Product thicknesses from other manufacturers may vary.