About Thermoplastic Elastomer: TPE Bath Drain Stoppers, Shower Mats & Appliques

Thermoplastic Elastomer, or TPE, performs as well as vinyl or rubber. If you’ve heard of TPE before, you know it doesn’t use phthalates or BPAs to soften the material. While these are great benefits of TPE, none of our products, including those made of vinyl or rubber, contain BPAs and we’ve phased out the use of phthalates in many of our products. For that reason, people choose SlipX Solutions® TPE bath products because they find the material texture helpful to their situation.

How does TPE Perform?

TPE bath mats and accessories typically perform as well as products made with vinyl or rubber. The TPE material is much softer than PVC based vinyl is, which is great for providing a cushioned, luxurious feel for your feet. In addition to comfort, TPE is also a much tackier material than rubber. The tackiness makes TPE one of the most surefooted materials.